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Kingdom Hearts SeriesEdit


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Kingdom Hearts Series ('Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII')


Olympus Coliseum




Wannabe Hero




Aqua (possible crush), Philoctetes (past trainer)

Zack is a young man who wants to be a hero. He was trained by Phil, but eventually his trainer decided to continue training Hercules instead. He teams up with Ventus and Hercules to fight the Unversed. Zack became friend with Ventus, and possibly has a crush on Aqua, if it isn't just flirting. Zack is the only, except for the Moogles, Final Fantasy character that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepEdit

Journal Entry

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

A boy who longs to become a hero. He heard that Phil specialized in training heroes, and competed to become his next student, but Hercules ended up edging him out.

Nothing fazes Zack, who smiles his way through the worst of troubles.

Hades manipulated him and turned him into a warrior of darkness, but Zack's heart was freed when Terra defeated him.


Zack has short, thick, black spikes with bangs framing his face. He has bright blue eyes. He wears armor that looks a lot like Hercules', but this armor is grey and Hercules' armor is orange. When he doesn't wear this armor, he wears his SOLDIER uniform. This has two silver pauldrons, black gloves, a brown guard over his abdomen that he wears over the armor, two belts, his blue pants and turtleneck. Zack also wears brown, knee-high sandals, under which he wears black socks. Some of his outfit's parts have swirls on them and his physique is different than his body shap in Final Fantasy VII. This is probably because this suits the Olympus Coliseum more. Zack's weapon is a sword. His helmet looks like the one of a gladiator, and he is
Zack's Sword

Zack's sword.

seen wearing it when he fights Terra for the first time.


Zack looks a lot like Ventus when it comes to personality. They are both happy and cheerful, and they make new friends very easily. Zack is also a good sport. You can see this by the way that he was defeated by Hercules and Aqua and kept smiling. Zack is pretty patient and takes disappointments very well. Zack is also very eager and persistent.



  • Zack asks Aqua out on a date. He uses the line: How about one date? This isn't the first time he used that line, since he also used it on Aerith in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
  • During the ending credits, Zack leans against the door at the Coliseum. Just as he does at the end of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.
  • Through your adventure in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep you can see Zack doing squats. This is one of his hobbies in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.


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