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Queen Minnie
Queen Minnie

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Minnie Mouse


Kingdom Hearts Series ('Plane Crazy')


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Mickey Mouse (husband), Daisy Duck (Duchess)

Queen Minnie is the queen of Disney Castle. She has a peaceful kingdom, together with King Mickey. Minnie may be a queen, but she rules the kingdom with equality to the citizens, and she shows no pride to her royal status. In Kingdom Hearts II, she joins Sora when he escorts her to the Throne Room in Disney Castle.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

Journal EntryEdit

Queen of Disney Castle, ruling in Mickey's abscence. I, Jiminy Cricket, am accompanying Donald and Goofy as the royal chronicler at her request. Queen Minnie is more concerned than anyone about the king's disapppearance.

Minnie made her screen debut in "Steamboat Willie'' (1928).

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Journal EntryEdit

Plane Crazy (1928)

Queen of Disney Castle.

She is ruling in Mickey's abscence. At her request, I'm tagging along with Donald and Goofy as the Royal Chronicler.

Queen Minnie is quite concerned about the King, but she knows in her heart that he'll be all right.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepEdit

Journal EntryEdit

Mickey's Surprise Party (1939)

Queen of Disney Castle, who reigns over the kingdom while King Mickey is away training.

Right now, she is busy putting together the annual Disney Town Dream Festival, but Pete's hijinks aren't making the job easier.


Queen Minnie is a mouse, just as her husband. Her fur is black, and she has big, black, round ears. Her eyelashes are pretty long and she wears a golden tiara with a ruby shaped like a Hidden Mickey set in the middle. She wears a ball gown with short sleeves. The colors used on the gown are red and pink. She also wears white gloves that are covering her entire arm. On the back of her dress, she has a large, red bow.

Minnie's ears are always round, because they face the screen in every position.


Minnie is a humble queen, and sees herself as equal to her citizens. She also cares a lot for her friends. Most of the time, Minnie smiles. However, she is very concerned about the safety of her castle and kingdom whenever the King is gone.


Minnie isn't very offensive, which is quite unusual for a support character. She does have the ability to launch a light blue sphere of light. This attack is known as 'Pearl'. She can use this when the enemy is nearby. These
Minnie Pearl

Queen Minnie using 'Pearl'.

spheres look a lot like the spheres King Mickey fires when he is summoned by Riku in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Together with Sora, they can use the rather powerful 'Faith' reaction command. This attack banishes all Heartless in range. It can also destroy these Heartless, when wounded enough.

Besides those powers, Minnie also has the ability to seal rooms (like she did with the Throne Room). This power is probably not strong enough yet, since Darkness did manage to get through the seal that Minnie made.



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