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Kingdom Hearts SeriesEdit


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Pence (best friend), Olette (best friend), Roxas (best friend), Seifer (arch enemy)

Hayner lives in Twilight Town. He is seen as the leader of the friend group op Pence, Olette and Hayner. His biggest rival is Seifer, the leader of the other gang in town. The Hayner from the Simulated Twilight Town is also best friends with Roxas. He also appears in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, where he is a resident of Twilight Town.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Journal EntryEdit

A boy who lives in Twilight Town who has a bit of an attitude problem. Once he gets an idea, he has to LIVE it - and Pence and Olette get dragged along for the ride.

There's bad blood between Hayner and Seifer - the town's self-appointed disciplinarian.


Hayner has a light skin, brown eyes, dark eyebrows and spiky, blond hair. His clothing is rather baggy and his pants are printed with camouflage-print. He wears a short, grey vest without sleeves and under that, he wears a black muscle shirt with on it a white skull and crossbones. He also has camouflage-print on his shoes, but also have white tips and grey soles. He doesn't have laces in his shoes, but black belts. The necklace that Hayner wears is a yellow 'X' charm and he wears a brown bracelet on his left wrist, which has some silver pins in it.


Hayner is an impulsive and determined boy, and seeks adventure wherever he goes. He gets bored pretty easily, which is seen when he keeps pushing the group of friends to go do something in the summer vacation. Besides that, he is also angered very fast.



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